Elder Care Fundamentals: What You Should KnowElder Care Fundamentals: What You Should Know

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Elder Care Fundamentals: What You Should Know

After watching several of my family members struggle with dementia and various other age-related conditions, I spent a lot of time researching the options for assisted living, in-home care, and nursing homes. I wanted to be sure that I understood what was out there before my parents came to need it. All of my research helped me learn a lot about future care options for my family. I decided to help clarify the options for others who may be as confused as I was. This intention of this blog is to do just that. I hope that the information here helps you understand the basics so you can make the right choice when you need to.


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How Can Seniors Receive In-Home Care?

It's common for seniors to need a little extra help managing their day-to-day lives. In-home care services give seniors the opportunity to meet these needs for assistance without creating unnecessary upheaval in their lives. Fortunately, there are many in-home care options to meet differing levels of needs. Here are four ways that seniors can receive in-home care.

1. Utilize in-home physical therapists.

Physical therapy can help seniors retain their independence, regain mobility, and decrease pain after an injury or illness. Many physical therapy activities can be performed alone, but the guidance of a physical therapist can ensure that seniors are performing the right exercises. In-home caregivers and physical therapists can help seniors through their PT routines on a regular basis. Checking in with a physical therapy provider can keep seniors consistent with their exercises so they can reap the benefits.

2. Take advantage of nursing care.

Seniors with complex needs can also take advantage of in-home care. People who need to take medication, receive injections, or change wound dressings may benefit from skilled nursing care. Skilled nursing care is provided by registered nurses who are trained to assist seniors in their homes. Nurses can provide the necessary equipment needed to perform services for patients in their homes. Some people utilize nursing care in combination with other forms of in-home senior care, such as personal care and companion care, to keep costs low.

3. Receive care from a family member.

Some people are most comfortable having a family member look after them. If you dislike the idea of receiving assistance from a stranger, you may be eligible to have your family caretaker financially compensated for the work they do. Receiving payment for their care duties can allow your family member to better support seniors by focusing on their care. Family care is sometimes used in conjunction with respite care, which provides family caretakers with scheduled breaks from their duties. This can prevent burnout and ensure that the relationship between seniors and their family members remains strong.

4. Receive hospice care.

Some seniors face chronic diseases and terminal illnesses that will eventually lead to their deaths. Facing death can be challenging, but everyone deserves to do so with dignity and comfort. Seniors can take advantage of in-home hospice care to remain comfortable in their final months. In-home hospice care can provide seniors with medication, support, and company that can allow them to enjoy each day to the fullest.

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