Elder Care Fundamentals: What You Should KnowElder Care Fundamentals: What You Should Know

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Elder Care Fundamentals: What You Should Know

After watching several of my family members struggle with dementia and various other age-related conditions, I spent a lot of time researching the options for assisted living, in-home care, and nursing homes. I wanted to be sure that I understood what was out there before my parents came to need it. All of my research helped me learn a lot about future care options for my family. I decided to help clarify the options for others who may be as confused as I was. This intention of this blog is to do just that. I hope that the information here helps you understand the basics so you can make the right choice when you need to.



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Finding An Assisted Living Community That Matches Your Family Member's Needs

You'll learn pretty quickly in your search for an assisted living residence to house your elderly family member that assisted living communities are not the reinvented model of new nursing homes or even new retirement homes. People who design today's assisted living communities take a whole new approach in making sure that assisted elderly living homes really do feel like home for senior residents who plan to live in their facilities. So use that as a guiding light to find assisted living communities that match the needs of your family member.

Assisted Living Provides Unique Needs

If your elderly loved one needs light care or is bedridden and wants assistance for bathing and other personal care, there are assisted living communities that are poised to offer specific services designed for those needs. In fact, you can find communities that have a tiered licensing system, which provides more individual care for residents who need specialized care. Bear in mind, before you launch your search, that you should ask questions about features of communities that could be of benefit to your loved one.

Feeling Comfortable Working In A Home Office

Some older people want to reside in an assisted living facility where they can continue working from home in a specially designed home office. If your loved one is around age 65 and still wants to work while living in an assisted living facility, communities do provide that environment for residents. More and more facilities are designing their facilities to make residents feel at home working in the privacy of their assisted living home. Residents can obtain a suite or an apartment where one room is designed to be used as an office. 

Shelves are installed. A desk and a proper chair with built-in lumbar support is in place. Lighting is adequate. Numerous outlets are available in that working office, and the room is wired for the most modern Internet service. All you have to do is make sure that your loved one has a working laptop or desktop computer to utilize technology, which makes it comfortable to work in the home office.

Explore New Professional Job Pathway

Your loved one can embark on a new professional job opportunity while living in an assisted living community. An extra paycheck is always welcome when you are retired and living in a well-designed assisted living facility. Your family member will enjoy the privacy of working undisturbed from a home office. Advise your loved one that there is a senior community service employment program that offers training for seniors. The training program teaches skills that enable retirees to find sites such as Flex Jobs. Flex Jobs point seniors to employment that fits their individual schedule and lifestyle.