Elder Care Fundamentals: What You Should KnowElder Care Fundamentals: What You Should Know

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Elder Care Fundamentals: What You Should Know

After watching several of my family members struggle with dementia and various other age-related conditions, I spent a lot of time researching the options for assisted living, in-home care, and nursing homes. I wanted to be sure that I understood what was out there before my parents came to need it. All of my research helped me learn a lot about future care options for my family. I decided to help clarify the options for others who may be as confused as I was. This intention of this blog is to do just that. I hope that the information here helps you understand the basics so you can make the right choice when you need to.



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Nursing Homes For Elderly Parents With Dementia

Has your elderly parents dementia symptoms become too severe for him or her to be left at home without constant supervision? Are you trying to figure out the best way to deal with the situation without it having a big impact on your personal life? It is possible that pacing your parent in a nursing home is the best resolution to the problem. You should also choose a home that offers an applied behavior analysis (ABA) for residents suffering from dementia and similar conditions. Take a look at this article to learn more about placing your parent in a nursing home that offers ABA services.

Constant Supervision by Professional Nurses

If your parent is placed in a nursing home, he or she will be safe because constant supervision will be provided. You will not have to worry about being with him or her on a regular basis, which will leave you plenty of time to live your personal life without stress. Nurses will ensure that your parent is not allowed to leave the facility without supervision, or even leave out of his or her room alone. However, you will also not have to worry about your parent being confined to his or her room and developing depression. There are numerous activities that residents of a nursing home can participate in with supervision.

Access to ABA Therapists for Behavioral Problems

If your parent has behavioral problems that are a part of having dementia, the ABA therapists at a nursing home can be helpful. A therapist can observe your parent get to the root of what is causing the behavioral problems. For instance, if your parent has the symptom of depression that is commonly associated with dementia, it might be responsible for his or her behavioral problems. Treatment might involve incorporating a reward system that allows your parent to receive gifts, praise or other things to discourage him or her from behaving in a negative way. An ABA therapist might be able to eliminate behavioral problems altogether and assist with making it easier to care for your parent.

Assistance with Numerous Daily Needs

All of the daily needs of your parent will be taken care of in a nursing home. For example, if he or she is no longer able to remember when to take medication, a nurse will be available to assist with the task. A nurse can also help your parent keep his or her body clean and hair combed. There will likely be a chef available in the nursing home that can cook all of the meals, even if your parent has to be on a special diet. Contact a nursing home to find out if it is the kind of place that you want your elderly parent to live in.