Elder Care Fundamentals: What You Should KnowElder Care Fundamentals: What You Should Know

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Elder Care Fundamentals: What You Should Know

After watching several of my family members struggle with dementia and various other age-related conditions, I spent a lot of time researching the options for assisted living, in-home care, and nursing homes. I wanted to be sure that I understood what was out there before my parents came to need it. All of my research helped me learn a lot about future care options for my family. I decided to help clarify the options for others who may be as confused as I was. This intention of this blog is to do just that. I hope that the information here helps you understand the basics so you can make the right choice when you need to.


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Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Senior Care Center For Your Parent

When your parent needs to make a transition, and you've determined that a senior care facility is the best option, you may be unsure of which facility to choose. It's a good idea to do lots of research in advance, but you'll also want to know what to look for in a quality facility. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you look for a senior center for your parent:

Disregard Distance

While you may prefer to place your parent in a senior care facility that is close to you, this may not always be the best option available. Consider compromising the convenience of having your parent right down the street in exchange for a facility that provides all of the medical care, independent living support, and community your loved one needs to stay healthy and happy. Should you choose a location that is far from your home, talk to your parent about a realistic visiting schedule, so he or she is not disappointed.

Flexible Care Options

Your mother or father's medical needs may not be many now, but that could change over the years. That's why it's important to choose a facility that can adapt to those changing needs while still providing the level of care you expect. Some facilities have a mixture of care options available, such as independent living apartments, assisted living homes, and nursing home care. Choosing a facility that offers these different options on the same campus can make it easier for your parent to age in place.

Active Community Life

You most likely don't want your parent to sit in an empty room or apartment all day, so be sure to look for a senior care center with a vibrant, active community. Independent living centers may feature gyms, activity rooms, and tennis courts, while nursing home facilities may offer cooking classes, game nights, or ice cream socials. No matter which type of facility your parent goes to, ask about community events, daily activities, and facility outings. With plenty of activities to keep him or her busy, your loved one might even be okay with you not visiting every day.

Take the time to inspect each facility you are considering in person. Ask to see the rooms or apartments as well as the community rooms, lobby, and other shared spaces. By getting a complete picture of each facility, you can feel more comfortable with the choice you make for your parent.